Introduction of Halkaro Pvt Ltd

Halkaro Pvt. Ltd. is a registered media company working in Nepal with registration number 137668/072/073. The company is registered under VAT. The Permanent Account Number (PAN) of this company is 603516984. We are professional in all terms and the growth of the from its inauguration is commendable. We aim to serve the taste of authentic Nepal in social, political, entertainment and video service.

From the day of inauguration Halkaro Pvt. Ltd. ‘’ has been working on making documentary in different social issue. We have had perform investigation on the post quake situation of Nepal. Our team has visited in different affected district of Nepal for relief and had reported in investigative issues as a media to provide authentic news, views and documentaries on the actual state of women, children and the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. We have also tried to reach other fields as well.

We have made documentaries on institutions working for the safeguard of woman and children and have received inspiring comments on our products.

The official media with domain name and is currently operating under the banner of Halkaro Pvt. Ltd. Staffs working in this company are highly professionals with competitive skills.